Amazon Bestselling Ebooks-2021

Hi !

My name is Prateek Sinha. Today i am going to talk about that one e-book which got trending & got in amazon bestsellers section in more than 5 countries across globe within three days of getting published for the readers.

What? How is it possible?

Well my friend it is, just because of the two secrets which I am going to share with you today with the help of which you can too come up with ideas to pull off bestsellers section on

First of all let's talk about the book i am talking about......!!

It's name is, "New Era of Cryptos" which is a Non-Fiction book and is available to all of you across globe in more than fourteen countries including, , etc.

You can peek at it's free preview below,

So, if you are wondering what were those 2 secrets which you would like to have in your hands so as to get to the top 100 in Amazon Bestsellers section.

Well Let's begin.......

Secret 1: Always check the most trending topics

Trending topics? Really... Yes you are thinking it the right way now.

Imagine having a blog with more than 200 blog posts on non-searchable topics with absolute no organic views.

Will you feel low?

Well I'll go in depression if I was in your place !!

So my point is you should always stay in touch with the trending topics near you.

Secret 2: Check trending topics without paying ever again

So, you might be wondering how can we check the most trending topics getting more than tons of traffic on it per day.

Well my answer to you is quite simple.

You can use 100 % free tool available in the market right under your nose i.e Google Trends .

Will it work? Well i use it everyday. It worked for me so why won't it work for you?


Well comment now, I'll try to answer all of your queries & if possible make a post just for you & publish it asap! :)

Best Wishes !

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