7 Recommended upgrades to speed up computers

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Have you ever thought of speeding up your current computer with some upgrades??

Most of us think that if a pc is slow, it's a better idea to change & buy a new one rather than upgrading it's parts!!

So how exactly upgrades help us boost our computer speeds without buying a computer each and every time?

The answer to this question lies in this post.

Some of the upgrades you could use to boost your computer are as follows:

1) Adding a ssd drive(solid state drive)

Add a SSD drive to move your windows files in it from your "C Drive".

What will it do?

Well it will boost your booting speeds as well as processing power & give you smooth interface to work around. Also it adds up a layer of security to your windows files, so as to keep it safe & never get corrupted.

2) Install More RAM

By installing more RAM, you can speed your computer multiple times of what you were using before. Normally you get an extra slot in your computers motherboard to install an additional unit of RAM if needed in the future.

If you are using a socket 1155 motherboard, you would normally be getting to enhance your RAM size up-to 32 GB.

3) Upgrade your Graphics Card/ Add if you don't have one

By upgrading your current graphics card you may solve your speed problems as well. Because as our world is moving forward in life, there are a couple of applications which need a specific system requirements & environment to run, which can only be provided on the latest series of graphic cards available in the market.

4) Upgrading the Processor

If you are considering upgrades, you should give a definite shot on upgrading your processor as well. Because it is really a game changer if you want to boost up your PC experience.

5) Purchasing a windows 10 genuine

Most of us are using a pirated copy of windows nowadays to cut out costs of the original windows. But have you ever thought, what is the major difference between a pirated copy of windows & an original/genuine one?

Let us tell you, this is a fact that if you use a genuine windows/original & not a pirated one in your PC. The PC will never ever lag or will have harmful viruses which comes pre-installed with the pirated versions of windows & most of us don't know this. Because we don't flip the other side angle of the free versions we are getting in the market.

6) Change your Input Devices- Mouse/Keyboard

Yes this can also be a reason behind you getting a slow interface or bad interface problems. We feel our computer lagging but we don't understand the reason hidden behind the problems we are facing.

If a mouse has got old & not really giving you a smooth click. Sir you got to change that immediately, else your frustration problems might rise at a rapid pace.

7) Adjust your pointer speeds

Of course you didn't realize that you can even change the pointer speeds as you want by going in settings- Mouse & Pointer Section in control panel of your PC.

If mouse lagging or pointers slow speed was one of your problem, it gets resolved instantly this way.

If you are looking for PC upgrades & want value for money with requirements fulfilled. Kindly contact our team. We will be happy to help you assemble your dream PC.


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