Synchronizing Happiness


About The Founder

Prateek brings 7+ years of experience in Product Development, Strategic Alliances . Over this period, he has worked with some of the big corporate and led in building Smart Solutions; implementing in highly critical Programmes. He loves to connect with people from various domains and enjoys his work schedule. He is an avid speaker and remains connected with academics ; higher education. Prateek has sharp business acumen and he supports various Entrepreneurship Cells mentoring young minds. Apart from leading teams in Hardware Assembly, System Development, and Software Integrations; he is a post graduate (MBA) in Marketing & Finance from Jaipuria Institute Of Management,Lucknow and imparts training on the subject. With true sportsman spirit, he is a person who keeps you motivated at all times.


HUBNAWAB is derived from synchronizing a hub of Nawabs, for the Nawabs by a Nawab. HUBNAWAB was founded by Mr Prateek Sinha in the year 2017 & it's operations also started in 2017 keeping in mind the needs & desires of it's customers both corporate as well as market. HUBNAWAB deals in all types of Laptops/Desktops, Accessories,Ready Made Garments as well as Footwear. It's Head Office is located in the city of Nawabs,Lucknow.