About the Founder

Prateek Sinha brings 8+ years of experience in Product Development, Strategic Alliances . Over this period, he has worked with some of the big corporate and led in building Smart Solutions; implementing in highly critical Programmes. He loves to connect with people from various domains and enjoys his work schedule. He is an avid speaker and remains connected with academics ; higher education. Prateek has sharp business acumen and he supports various Entrepreneurship Cells mentoring young minds. Apart from leading teams in Hardware Assembly, System Development, and Software Integrations; he is a post graduate (MBA) in Marketing & Finance from Jaipuria Institute Of Management,Lucknow and imparts training on the subject. With true sportsman spirit, he is a person who keeps you motivated at all times.

About The Brand

HUBNAWAB is derived from synchronizing a hub of Nawabs, for the Nawabs by a Nawab. HUBNAWAB was founded & established by Mr Prateek Sinha in the year 2017 & it's operations also started in 2017 keeping in mind the needs & desires of it's customers both corporate as well as markets.

HUBNAWAB® is registered brand under the Trademark Act by the Government Of India. The company currently owns & operates businesses such as- IT sales & services, Latest Fashion-Both Garments as well as Footwear, Consumer Electronics, Accessories Since 2017.

HUBNAWAB's Head Office is situated in Vinay Khand 4, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

HUBNAWAB® is now recognized as HUBNAWAB® ENTERPRISES by the Government Of India.


Mission & Vision

HN 1

IT Hardware & Software Development Services

HN 2

Ready Made Garments for Men/Women/


HN 3


HN 4



Our Mission

"To strive hard to be a winner in various domains & be adaptive, innovative, technology driven, client-centric as well as result oriented in our approach to meet the quality standards"

Our Vision

To be admired as an organization for being professional in it's approach, dedicated in providing world class solutions & give it's clients the power to implement their creative ideas into reality